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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coming Soon: John Carpenter Week at Radiator Heaven!

In celebration of John Carpenter's latest film in 9 years, The Ward which makes its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, I am planning a week-long celebration of the man's body of work from Sunday, October 3 to Saturday, October 9, 2010 here at Radiator Heaven.

Since his directorial debut in 1974 with Dark Star, Carpenter has made classic genre films in the Howard Hawks tradition, from the police station under siege in Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) to a mining colony under attack from vicious aliens in Ghosts of Mars (2001). He made bonafide classics in the genres of horror and science fiction, from the legendary slasher film, Halloween (1978) to the action-packed dystopian futureworld of Escape From New York (1981).

I would love contributions from anybody who is interested and this can be in the form of articles, overviews, essays, a collection of images or whatever else you would like to do so long as it pertains to any of Carpenter's films and that goes for ones he just wrote or produced. If you're interested, leave a comment below with links to contributions on your blog. If you have already written about Carpenter in the past, by all means send me those links as well. The more the merrier!

You can also show your support for this blogathon on your own blog with one of these handy dandy banners below. Please spread the word!


  1. I am so looking forward to this, J.D.! I've already added a banner to my blog. If I get a chance to contribute, I will definitely try. Thanks and all the best to this endeavor.

    p.s., I'm now anxiously awaiting Carpenter's new film (whenever it gets its U.S. release).

  2. J.D., you're singing my song! I'm pretty strapped for time but I'm definitely gonna try to partipate in this. The world could always use more love for Carpenter! Not everything he's done has been a classic but the man's never made a movie that didn't entertain me.

  3. Can't wait for this! Carpenter is always interesting~~

  4. Hey J.D. I snagged a banner to put up on the blog and hopefully I'll have time to contribute. Looking forward to reading everyone's work.

  5. That sounds great. I'm a big fan of John Carpenter.

  6. le0pard13:

    Thanks for adding a banner to yoru blog and for your support! I've been meaning to do a blogathon on Carpenter for some time and the premiere of his new film finally gave me the motivation I needed!

    Jeff Allard:

    Yeah, I figured you'd be pretty stoked about Carpenter! And I agree that he certainly deserves more love out there. Thanks for posting a banner on your blog. Much appreciated!


    Thanks! Good to hear from another fan of the man's work!

    Hans A.:

    Thank you so much for the support! I sure hope you can contribute as well.


    Hey there! Good to see that you are also a fan. I think you'll dig what I've got in store in October...

  7. Certainly count me in J.D.- been meaning to do another Carpenter week, and this gives me an excellent excuse to do it (as well as the in-depth analysis of the Coupe de Villes album that the world has long been waiting for). Look forward to what you've got in store!

  8. Count me in. Halloween is one of my top 5 films of all time! I'm sure I can write something up on it (and perhaps it's legacy).

    In regards to his other work, I've seen very little so I am anxious to read about his other work (I've seen Vampires, the Escape movies, They Live, and bits and pieces of Big Trouble. . .but not Assault on Precinct 13 or the Thing (*gasp*) or others).

  9. Top Five Carpenter movies...

    Big Trouble In Little China review...

    Ghosts Of Mars review...

    Precinct 13 review...

    I will try to post something new during the actual blogathon too, and I'll be sure to send you the links and whatnot

  10. Sean Gill:

    Awesome! I figured with you upcoming Carpenter week you'd be down with this blogathon. I'm really looking forward to your pice on the Coup de Villes. They just don't get enough credit!


    Thank you! I can't wait to read yer thoughts on HALLOWEEN. I love that film as well. It never gets old and I'm always down for watching that one.

    Wow, you really need to check out THE THING! Such a great film as is BIG TROUBLE and ASSAULT...

    Bryce Wilson:

    Yeah, I figured you'd be down for this. Thanks so much!

    Aaron said...

    Thanks ever so much for those links! I will definitely add 'em to the list. And anything new would be greatly appreciated. Whatever you have the time for.

  11. Deal me in! I managed to hang onto at least Carpenter flick before the big eBay DVD purge of 2006,

  12. J.D.

    WOW. I've been away and I was excited to see this post. I love just about anything by Carpenter and will look forward to participating J.D..

    I must admit I'm not terribly over the moon about Carpenter's new film. Don't get me wrong, I'm interested, but the man simply hasn't done it for me since In The Mouth Of Madness. Perhaps the long hiatus will really deliver something special.

    Admittedly, I dropped out of my love affair with him following In The Mouth. Escape From LA was fairly painful to watch and I confess I have not seen Vampires or Ghosts Of Mars though I wouldn't mind. Your thoughts on either in brief.

    I look forward to your extensive Carpenter week J.D.. Should be a great week of reading and insights.

  13. This sounds awesome! I definitely have a few reviews to contribute.

  14. Hi, J.D. Really looking forward to this!

    Existing Carpenter reviews on Agitation:



    Plus I'll be sure to contribute some new material.

  15. I am SO in! Now, the big decision on which movie I wanna do begins...

  16. I'm in. John Carpenter was my favourite director for years, and I've been considering a post about him or one of his movies.

    I'll be away that week, but I'll post it the week before and send you the link.


  17. Count me in. I would love to write about Halloween.

  18. Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.:

    Awesome. Thanks in advance for contributing! I look forward to it.

    The Sci-Fi Fanatic:

    I can certainly understand your apprehension re: Carpenter's new film. I saw the stuff he did for the MASTERS OF HORROR series which I thought was pretty good but certainly not vintage Carpenter. We shall see. I remain optimistic and hope that all this time off between films has revitalized him.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement and again for the plug on your blog.


    Awesome! Thanks for your joining in on the fun.

    Neil Fulwood:

    Thanks for the links. I remember reading these reviews and enjoying them! I will add 'em to the list.

    I look forward to your new material!


    Very cool! I look forward to your contribution whatever it might be.


    Yeah, Carpenter has been one of my faves (and still is) for years also. I've enjoyed so many of his films over the years and continually revisit them.

    Thanks for joining on the blogathon and I look forward to your contribution.


    Sounds good! I look forward to reading your post on HALLOWEEN.

  19. This sounds awesome! I've added a banner to my blog:


    I'll be contributing - will write something about Prince of Darkness and the Quatermass influence.

    Looking forward to it!

  20. Chris Regan:

    That sounds really cool! I am looking forward to your article and thanks for adding a banner to your blog. I really appreciate it!

  21. The contribution has to be in english regardless? Or is ok if i add a little espaƱol a la fiesta Carpenteriana...

  22. Juan J. Espinoza:

    By all means, you post can be in any language you like. The more the merrier! I look forward to your contribution!

  23. A little late, J.D., but I've posted your banner near the top of my site's sidebar.

    I probably won't be able to contribute a piece, as I'll still be dealing with this year's NYFF, but I'll let you know if something changes.

  24. Tony Dayoub:

    That is quite alright. Thanks for posting one my banners on your blog! I really appreciate the support.

  25. J.D

    Been a big fan of Carpenter's work, especially The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China.

    Would be contributing to ur blogathon.

  26. Ratnakar:

    Hey there! Thanks for your support and for posting one my banners on your blog.

    I noticed that you are running a Ridley Scott blogathon. Count me in!

  27. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

    Met the great man once in LA many years back. Great guy.

  28. Mark Salisbury:

    Wow! That is pretty awesome. Yeah, I've heard he is a very down-to-earth kinda guy.

  29. J.D. - I'm coming late to the game, but will definitely be participating! I'll have a badge posted at the top of my site today and will have one old (Halloween) and one new (probably something other than Halloween) ready to go.

  30. Chris:

    That's awesome! Thanks so much for doing that and I look forward to both of your contributions.

  31. If it ain't too late I'd like to contribute on both my blogs. Got some thoughts on "The Fog" and I can dig up the print ads for "Halloween."

  32. I love this, if only because it will give me an excuse to re-watch every John Carpenter movie.


    I've posted your banner, linked to this page. On the 10/3 should I switch the link to point to your front page?

  33. W.B. Kelso:

    You are not late at all! Thanks for commenting and I'd love to add your contributions to the list! Many thanks.


    Thanks for posting a banner for my blogathon and yes, once it gets rolling you can direct a link to my front page. Thank you!

  34. This is a great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store. I'm in the last couple of days of my week-long celebration of Spielberg on my site.

    If poss, I'd love you to link to my Top 10 John Carpenter films if you can find a spot for it: http://www.top10films.co.uk/archives/2445

  35. Really excited by this idea...so much so that it has given me the impetus to start up my own blog just so I can contribute.

  36. Dan:

    Awesome! Thanks for the link and I will also check out your Spielberg celebration.

    Mr Jones:

    Thank you and I'm glad you are going to contribute! I really appreciate it and am eager to see what you come up with.

  37. Finally got it together and started blogging at 'The Haunted Cinema':