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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Mann Week - June 28 - July 4, 2009


It is
Michael Mann Week here at Radiator Heaven. This week is all about Mann and his films, T.V. show, etc. in honor the theatrical release of his brand new film Public Enemies. Throughout the week I am planning several posts on his films, including a review of his new film. I encourage you to join in on the fun either through the comments section of posting an appreciation of your own either on your own blog or hosting it here.

I've decided to organize all of the posts that I have found, either over time or that were submitted, by film. That way, you can go to a specific film and see what others thought of it. As links are submitted I will put a date in brackets next to them to connote when they have been recently added. I also plan to accept links and articles all through this week so if you are still working on something or you go see
Public Enemies opening day and want send me your review, by all means go right ahead.

The Jericho Mile:
"Mann's Men: The Jericho Mile (1979)." by Tim Brayton at Antagony & Ecstasy.


"Thief." by Tristan Eldritch at Kirby Dots.
"Mann's Men: Thief (1981)." by Tim Brayton.
"Thief" by Joshua at Octopus Cinema. (added June 29)
"Michael 'the' Mann - Thief" by Tommy Salami at Pluck You, Too!!! (added June 29)

"Thief" by Neil Fulwood at The Agitation of the Mind. (added July 4)

The Keep:
"The Devil in The Keep" by Mr. Peel at Mr. Peel's Sardine Liqueur.
"Mann's Men: The Keep (1983)" by Tim Brayton.
"#48: The Keep (Michael Mann, 1983)" by Dr. Mystery over at Decapitated Zombie Vampire Bloodbath


"Images From My All Time Favorite Films: Michael Mann's Manhunter (1986)" by Jeremy Richey at Moon in the Gutter.
"Mann's Men: Manhunter (1986)." by Tim Brayton.

"#57: Manhunter (Michael Mann, 1986)" by Dr. Mystery.
"Manhunter" by J.D.
"Personal Faves: Manhunter" by Neil Fulwood
(added June 29)

The Last of the Mohicans:
"Legends of the Fall: The Last of the Mohicans." by Tristan Eldritch.
"Mann's Men: The Last of the Mohicans (1992)." by Tim Brayton.
'Stay alive, no matter what occurs': sex and survival in The Last of the Mohicans" by Matt Zoller Seitz at The House Next Door.
"The Last of the Mohicans" by J.D.
(added June 30)


"Mann's Men: L.A. Takedown (1989)." by Tim Brayton
"Mann's Men: Heat (1995)." by Tim Brayton
"Because she's got a GREAT ASS!"
by Andrew Bemis at Cinevistaramascope.
"A Los Angeles Crime Saga." by Adam Ross over at DVD Panache.
"From the Vault: Heat," by Edward Copeland at Edward Copeland on Film.
"Heat (1995). Part 1: Both Sides of The Law." and "Heat Part 2: Emotion and Detachment." by Tristan Eldritch.
HEAT: Empathies of Badasses" by Alexander Villalba at Comment de Cine. (added June 29)
"Heat" by Joshua.
(added July 2)

The Insider

"A Slight Rant On One Of The Biggest Snubs In Academy Award History" by Jeremy Richey

"The Insider: Ten Years Later" by Sean Murphy at Murphy's Law.
"More thoughts on 'The Insider'" by Sheila at The Sheila Variations.
"PERSONAL FAVES: The Insider" by Neil Fulwood.

"The Insider" by J.D.
"Mann's Men: The Insider (1999)" by Tim Brayton.

THE INSIDER: The Mann Who Knows About Film" by Alexander Villalba.(added July 2)

"Ali" by J.D. (added June 28)

"Mann's Men: Ali (2001)" by Tim Brayton (added June 29)

"Ali" by David N at We Can Rebuild Him (added July 1)

by Joe Valdez at This Distracted Globe.
"Mann's Men: Collateral (2004)" by Tim Brayton. (added July 2)
"Collateral" by J.D. (added July 3)

Miami Vice:
"Smooth. That's how we do it." by Andrew Bemis.
"Miami Vice (2006)" by Joe Valdez.

April Showers: Miami Vice" by Nathaniel Rogers at the Film Experience Blog.
"Virtue in Vice" by Keith Uhlich at The House Next Door.
"Miami Vice: Michael Mann's Misunderstood Masterpiece" by Kevin J. Olsen at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies. (added June 29)
"Cool: Miami Vice" by Jason Bellamy at The Cooler. (added June 30)
"Mann's Men: Miami Vice (2006)" by Tim Brayton. (added July 2)

Public Enemies:

"Mann's Men: Public Enemies (2009)" by Tim Brayton. (added July 2)
"Public Enemies: Take One" by Kevin J. Olsen. (added July 2)
"New Wave and Old Guard" by Matt Zoller Seitz at IFC Daily. (added July 2)

The Mann act: 'Public Enemies'" by Glenn Kenny at Some Came Running. (added July 2)
"Public Enemies" by J.D. (added July 2)

"PUBLIC ENEMIES: Watching Our Real Dreams" by Alexander Villalba. (added July 4)

"Dying Breaths: Some Thoughts on Public Enemies." by Tristan Eldritch. (added July 7)

"Public Enemies" by Tommy Salami. (added July 10)

Misc:"Zen Pulp: The World of Michael Mann, Pt. 1: Vice Precedent" by Matt Zoller Seitz at The House Next Door. (added July 2)
"Michael Mann: an A-Z" by David N (added July 1)

"Masculine Codes in the Films of Michael Mann" by Peter at Foxtrot Sierra. (added June 29)
"Crime Story" by J.D.


  1. JD,

    As a Mann junkie, I love the idea. When my week quiets down a little bit later, I'll have a post ready and will comment here.

  2. Lots of great reading to do now!
    My Thief post goes up tomorrow, and I'm eager to read all the other posts on his body of work.

  3. I think this is a fantastic idea. I can't wait to see all the great stuff that's posted.

  4. http://kolson-kevinsblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/miami-vice-michael-manns-misunderstood.html

    J.D. -- There's my take on Miami Vice. I might do another one this week on The Last of the Mohicans if I have the time. I'll let you know. I've been diggin' the entries so far. Keep up the great work and thanks for hosting this thing!

  5. Okay -- I lied, the version in the link I sent you earlier is no good. Blogger was acting up...so can you post this version instead: http://kolson-kevinsblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/miami-vice-michael-manns-misunderstood.html


  6. Hey JD. Great idea, and great work hauling all this stuff together! When are you seeing PE? I want to see it on a really good screen, so may have to wait until friday!

  7. Joseph B.:

    Great! I look forward to reading your Mann-related post.

    Tommy Salami:

    Loved your THIEF post. You really nailed why it is such a great film. It is still my fave James Caan performance, hands down.


    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy all of the contributions.

    Kevin J. Olson:

    Thanks for your contribution. It is great to see someone else championing this often-maligned film. I would love to read your thoughts on THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS. I plan to post something on it as well but more about its troubled production.

    Tristan Eldritch:

    Thanks for the kind words, my friend! I plan to see PUBLIC ENEMIES opening day. Can't wait! I hope to post a review some time shortly after that.... maybe Friday.

  8. Some great articles online already. Look forward to your review of 'Public Enemies' once you've seen it.

    In the meantime, my article on 'Manhunter' is now up:


  9. Here's my article "Masculine Codes in the Films of Michael Mann:"


    It isn't so much a critical essay as it is a list of protagonists, their goals, their codes, and how the failure of/adherence to/inherent flaws of said codes relate to their goals.

  10. Neil Fulwood:

    Thanks for the link to your MANHUNTER article! It looks great. I'll check it out and leave comments on your blog.


    Thanks for the link! I like what you did -- it's a nice take on the common themes of Mann's films, in particular the protagonists. Very cool.

  11. I'm really enjoying reading along with the blogathon, so thanks. Makes me happy to contribute.

  12. Hi, great idea indeed, and nice to see so many so appreciative of Mann's work all in one place.

    I just posted this at my blog: http://onedeadfish.blogspot.com/2009/06/michael-mann-a-z.html

    And this, purely composed of screengrabs from the sumptuous Ali, is a few months old:


    Fine work, everyone...

  13. Hey J.D.,

    Here's my contribution, a review of Public Enemies.

  14. Joshua:

    I'm glad you're digging this blogathon and thanks again for contributing. I enjoyed it immensely!

    David N:

    Thanks for both posts! I left comments on the first one but I wanted to add that I really liked the screengrabs you displayed from ALI. It's gratifying to see someone else who likes this film. I really dig it but it doesn't seem to have too many supporters.

    Tony Dayoub:

    Thanks for your contribution. I left you comments. I really enjoyed your thoughts on PE, you made some fantastic points and observations.

  15. Hey, J.D.

    I've been enjoying your Mann blogathon, and I'd like to contribute if I could. I have a review of Miami Vice up on my blog, and another one concerning Public Enemies will appear later today.

  16. FilmDr:

    Thank you so much for your contributions. They have been added to the blogroll. Good stuff!

  17. Well, that's been great.

    I have a recent post on PUBLIC ENEMIES, JD.

    It certainly has been great to read all of the different opinions and analysis. Good stuff.

  18. commentdecine:

    Thanks for the heads up and for your contributions. They are greatly appreciated. I'm glad you're digging the blogathon as well.

  19. I make it quarter to midnight GMT Saturday night so hopefully I'll have posted this just in time:


    Apologies if the prose style seems "rushed", I watched 'Thief' again early this evening then found myself playing beat the clock to put an article together when I could easily have spent a good week drafting it out and trying to incorporate as much detail as possible about this brilliant and impressively confident feature, arguably the first (and astoundingly early) expression of Mann's intellectual and artistic maturity as a film-maker.

  20. Neil Fulwood:

    I've added a link to your excellent post on THIEF to the blogroll. Thanks so much for doing this. I left you some comments on your blog.

  21. I've really enjoyed this. I hope you had a great 4th. Cheers!

  22. Looking back on this now, what a great post and a wonderful list of contributions among the Mann aficionados. Since I've been taking in a lot of the city of Chicago in what I've been reading and watching, I posted this on Thief last night, in case you're interested. Thanks, J.D.