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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Mann Week: Public Enemies Resources

To celebrate Public Enemies' wide release today I am posting a selection of interviews and profiles on the principle cast and crew of the film that have appeared in the press over the past few weeks. So, without further adieu...

"Bonjour! Marion Cotillard on Conspiracies, Public Enemies, & Childhood"
by Ray Rogers at BlackBook magazine. (an interview with actress Marion Cotillard)

"Number one with a bullet"
by John Patterson at The Guardian. (an interview with director Michael Mann)

"Johnny Depp interview for Public Enemies"
by John Hiscock at The Telegraph. (an interview with actor Johnny Depp)

"Dillinger Captured by Dogged Filmmaker!"
by Mark Harris at The New York Times. (a profile and history of the film)

"Michael Mann: Seeing history through Dillinger's eyes"
by Roger Ebert at the Chicago Sun-Times. (an interview with Mann)

"Michael Mann chats with Capone about crime, punishment and PUBLIC ENEMIES!!!"
by Capone at Ain't-It-Cool-News. (an interview with Mann)

"'Public Enemies' No. 1 (in historical accuracy, writer says)"
by Bryan Burrough at the Los Angeles Times. (a primer on the history and facts by the man who wrote the book the film is based on) - NOTE: the L.A. Times doesn't leave their articles online for long so if you're interested in checking this article out, do it ASAP!

"Johnny Depp’s Great Escape"
by Douglas Brinkley at Vanity Fair magazine. (an interview with Depp)

"Bale wouldn't fraternize with the 'Enemy'"
by Cindy Pearlman at the Chicago Sun-Times. (an interview with actor Christian Bale)

Exclusive Interview: Public Enemies Producer G. Mac Brown, Part 1" by Jake Mooney at 30ninjas. (an interview with one of the producers)

"Chicago is the epicenter of another film credit" by Colleen Mastony at the Chicago Tribune. (about the various locations in and around Chicago)

"Composer Elliot Goldenthal" by S. James Snyder at Time. (an interview with the composer)

"The Real John Dillinger" by Elliott J. Gorn at Slate. (examining the historical accuracy of the film)

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