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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

John Carpenter Week: Contributions - Wednesday, October 6

Here is the latest round of contributions from around the blogosphere. This page will be updated throughout the day so check back often.

"If THE THING and HALLOWEEN are the Superbowls of Carpenter movies, then ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK is kinda like the All-Star Game. First and foremost is the presence of Carpenter's frequent collaborator (and friend) Kurt Russell as the iconic, eye patch-wearing Snake Plissken."
- Escape from New York - The Death Rattle

"As disinterested as Carpenter seemed in his post In The Mouth Of Madness films (I may not like that title but he is trying.) is how engaged he seems by Cigarette Burns. Though the film’s scale is small, it wrings the maximum amount of tension from its set ups, and through it’s subtle use of location (including somewhat brilliantly shooting Vancouver as Vancouver), manages to give the production a much larger sense of scale then it actually has."
- 31 Days of Horror: Day 6: Cigarette Burns - Things That Don't Suck

"On the 17th, the rest of the actors arrived- familiar faces like Buck Flower, Peter Jason, Tom Atkins. Unfortunately, a few of the former principals were unavailable- Jamie Lee Curtis was off shooting pick-ups for FOREVER YOUNG, and Adrienne Barbeau was caught up in a miniseries called THE BURDEN OF PROOF, but on such short notice, John considered that it was to be expected. The most notable newcomer was the actor playing 'Blake.' The original Blake, of course, had been obscured by makeup and shadow and was played by special effects artist Rob Bottin."
- John Carpenter Fanfiction: CARPY & THE CAP'N- PART 2: Return to Point Reyes - Junta Juleil's Culture Shock

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